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CJP is a brand of acrylic, that enabled me to unleash my creativity with elaborate design sets.
Its pigmented colours and crystal clear acrylics allow for endless possibilities when it comes to encapsulating and preserving the design.
However if you fancy an alternative to acrylic extensions? or need an alternative to acrylic extension? Or do you find they don't suit your nails or lifestyle? Ask about The Gel Pot!
It's a light and natural feel, makes it the perfect alternative, its strong enough to create stunning extensions while feeling like your own nails!
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The Gel Bottle. This is one of my fav brands to use, when it comes to nail supplies, this is my "must have" product.
They offer a huge range of colours that are non-yellowing & chip resistant for 4 weeks!
There's no need for primers because their fabulous formulation means that the product is 5 free, vegan friendly & cruelty free.
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Builder in a Bottle. The revolutionary Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) is the answer to all your nail needs!
Be that as a base coat to protect your already beautifull, healthy & natural nails, or to fix problems such as fragility, brittleness or peeling of the nail. It also works a treat for fixing those pesky breaks that occur the day before your nail appointment!
Fancy a fresh set of shorties while you grow your own? BIAB answers your call again! It's perfect for creating short natural looking nail extensions and can be soaked off or infilled at your next appointment, depending on individual client needs
Nail biter course.
Do you...
Bite, pick and peel your nails and surrounding skin?
Think you have no nails?
Think your nails are too short for enhancements due to being short or damaged?
Hide your hands because you're ashamed or embarrassed by your nails?

Most importantly, want to grow your own nails?

With the help of the wonderful BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) that I'm sure you've all heard me talking about lately, I would like to finally introduce, treatment courses for nail biters!

This will offer those of you that want to kick the habit, a little bit of help along the way.

Throughout your appointments, I will collect progress photos and over the duration of the course, I would love your input on how I can improve the course ?
Is there anything else I can do to help you stop biting your nails and the skin around them?

This is a block of 6 appointments, which can be used at 1-3 weekly intervals following our initial consultation (which ensures I'm offering you the right treatment). This allows me to make sure your nails can be sorted as soon as they start to annoy you! I will squeeze you in at last minute if necessary to avoid you nibbling them!

Colour can be applied if you choose, however, please note I will only be using gel products during these appointments. The aim is to grow your own nails instead of applying gel/acrylic extensions and break the habit of biting at the same time.

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